We are tall, short, lean, plump, young, mature, curly haired and bald. We are single, married, working, retired, laborers, craftsmen, businessmen and professionals. We enjoy reading, sports, gardening, automobiles, antiques, cooking, cards, dancing and tinkering. We are enthusiastic, spirited and excited. We like to make new friends and hear new ideas. ...and...We'd like to meet you!

Brotherhood Update from Dan

We find ourselves at a crossroads, at a time where we just have to make the most of what we have. With that in mind we’re still trying to stay relevant and “in touch”. Lest we forget our commitment to our beloved temple and all that it means to the Jewish community of Plymouth.

A Brotherhood that (as you can tell by it’s leadership, can be somewhat challenged, somewhat “funky”….but always, ALWAYS supportive.

The hope is that within the next year we will once again provide our membership with the almost monthly Discussion Groups, movies, “sumptuous” Breakfasts with great guest speakers, Deli-Dinner movie nights which will help provide much needed visits to your gastroenterologist, “Bingo/Pot Luck Dinners”, “bowling”. Our Ribs’n Beer Mens Seder. Our monthly efforts in “brainstorming” that we refer to as “Brotherhood Meetings” that are usually abbreviated, because we’re “men” with fairly short attention spans. Besides providing entertaining diversions for our somewhat challenged membership, we also provide an escape for many of their bemused spouses from being with generally incoherent men longer then they have to.

We’ve accomplished much. Notice…I’ve used the term “we’ve”. It’s this “we” that gives us the impetus to do all the good we do which also includes our yearly food drive which has so far been the catalyst for over 6,500 lbs of non-perishable food products and over $7,200 in donations to The Greater Plymouth Food Warehouse. As you can see, we are much more than man caves, footballs, baseballs and hockey pucks. We are proudly “CBJ BROTHERHOOD.”

So we ask you to once again help make us better. With your thoughts, your enthusiasm, your membership. In other words (to reiterate) YOUR SUPPORT. Because, in the end we all can make a difference. Because YOU ALL MATTER. In that spirit I ask you to help us, HELP US to once again, make this a truly sweet new year. L’Shana Tova!

Meetings are usually the second Tuesday of the month

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CBJ Brotherhood is not a new organization or idea, but we are newly inspired. Brotherhood has has been active in our Jewish Community since the 1930's, contributing significantly to the religious, social and educational activities of Congregation Beth Jacob. We are a group of men from many backgrounds, working together, trying new things and having fun doing so. We are planning programs of interest dealing with issues for men today.

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Your membership is a show of support for Beth Jacob, and/or for Israel and world Jewry.

Your membership is an opportunity to become a little more educated . . .

Your membership is an opportunity to be a little more involved in Jewish life and concerns.

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